Welcome to Satpuli Garhwal Uttarakhand (Nayar Ghati) 


It is located on the banks of River Purvi Nayar Ghati. It is located between Kotdwara and Pauri Garhwal. It also connects to Banghat, a small market through the National Highway 119. It is a center location of the district Pauri Garhwal. It is 52 km from Pauri and 54 km from Kotdwara.


It is said that Satpuli got its name from the fact that it has seven brideges (sat-pul) on its way from Kotdwara.About fifty years ago this place used to be a farmland. However there were some little hut-like shops at the other bank of river.After the place witnessed a great flood in which many people died and some G.M.O.U. Ltd. owned buses swept away, shopkeepers resettled at the present location. At the hydle power station there has been erected a monument in the memory of deceased people in this biggest flood of nayar valley. Once upon a time it was known for its Macchi Bhat (Fish curry and Rice). It was famous stop for the travelers to rest and have their lunch and dinner. Satpuli is now growing and expanded very much as compared to the other villages nearby. It is prime place for the shopping. Villagers from near by villages come to Satpuli for their FMCG. It has three banks including SBI that is the finance driven body in the village. Ex army persons and old people used to get their pension from here only.


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